3/23/22: Hatchfi Engineering Update

I'm Carlos, co-founder, and CEO of Hatchfi. My co-founder Casey and I have been working around the clock to bring you hatchfi, a developer API that lets you connect your app to any crypto wallet, account, exchange, or protocol with a few lines of code.

We're writing this to provide some updates on where we are as we near our early access beta launch. To start, we've built a brand new javascript SDK that will allow app developers to do the following easily:

  • Drop-in modal to connect your users' crypto data to your application
  • Quick, clean access to methods for fetching user data such as balances, transactions, providers, and accounts
  • Easy and secure authentication to the Hatchfi API for your application and your users
  • As we expand our offering, we will be adding much more functionality

Along with the SDK, a lot of focus has been around architecting our endpoints to be easy to implement and scale in the future. Internally, this effort is to help us reduce time and resources building custom endpoints that do not follow a specific architecture for exchanges, wallets, and DeFi protocols. Developing these schemas now and making sure they are consistent will allow us to quickly onboard new integrations in the future, improving the developer and user experience with additional offerings.

One of our top priorities alongside the SDK and endpoint architecture is to bring you excellent documentation and onboarding content. We know how badly written docs and lack of example content can make the developer experience hell. A lot of time and focus will be going into writing these with clear intentions and examples.

As we get things finalized for our beta release, we want to make sure that we make the best effort to be transparent on all fronts with our customers. This includes engineering efforts, integrations deliveries, security, updates, service quality, etc. With our backgrounds stemming from DevOps, software development, and systems engineering, we understand how critical it is for a core API service like Hatchfi to have clear-cut expectations of service quality, uptime, and operational rigor.

Casey and I look forward to bringing you the best crypto API experience possible. Please feel free to stop by our Discord community channel to chat directly with our team and members! If you are interested in getting early access, please head over to Hatchfi.co and reach out to us.

Hatchfi is looking for a part-time Node.js backend developer to help us expand on our API integrations. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to reach out to carlos@hatchfi.co, casey@luumen.io, or hit us up in our Discord Community!