Announcement: Luumen Finance Has Rebranded To

We are excited to announce that Luumen Finance has pivoted and rebranded to Hatchfi. After several months of building the Luumen Finance tool, a personal finance and budgeting tool for your crypto, the feedback was that we were just too early in the market. Luumen Finance will have a place in the world in the near future as cryptocurrency continues to become the new standard means of exchange.


Through building Luumen Finance, we found a hair-on-fire problem that seemed to be solved once before, but due to an acquisition of that particular solution by Coinbase, the issue has resurfaced. The problem was relatively simple; we were having a bad time importing balance and transaction data across exchanges, wallets, protocols, and accounts into our app. We found one alternative that we ended up trying out, but we found it lacking in the type of data we needed, along with a somewhat lacking developer experience.

We decided to hone in on just addressing the problem of helping developers build great fintech apps with a developer API that lets them connect any cryptocurrency account to their apps with ease. We want to make sure that we not only address the prominent use cases of connecting crypto accounts to your apps easily but also make sure that the data made available is standardized, absolutely secure, and readily available.

We want to thank the Discord community, who has backed us since the beginning of our adventure and who continue to support us as we make this pivot towards improving the developer experience of building amazing crypto fintech apps. Please make sure to check out our community and our website at to learn more about our team and our products.