Crypto Integration Platform Hatchfi Launches New Payment Solution, Hatchfi Invoice

Crypto Integration Platform Hatchfi Launches New Payment Solution, Hatchfi Invoice
Developers Can Now Support P2P Crypto Invoicing Within Minutes

San Francisco March 7th, 9 am PSTHatchfi, a crypto integration platform that allows users to seamlessly connect crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account, today launches a new payment solution, Hatchfi Invoice, allowing any developer or platform to quickly and seamlessly integrate P2P crypto invoicing to send and receive on-chain payments in minutes with their SDK.

“In speaking to fintech companies of all sizes, it’s clear that there is a need for a hybrid suite of fintech tooling and infrastructure that will help speed up the adoption of web3 into the real world.,” said Carlos Feliciano. “Much in the same way that we realized other Web 3 integrations were inconsistent and incomplete, we found the same inconsistencies with in-house built payment solutions, so we built our own, and now customers can do it all under one platform with one interface.”

For developers, Hatchfi Invoice gives them a huge advantage, enabling them to support P2P crypto invoicing into their product within an hour without building additional UI components or adding support chains individually. For their customers, the advantage comes from the familiar invoicing experience it offers that they are used to, but powered with crypto rather than traditional fiat currency.

“We’re focusing on building a strong foundation for data aggregation but also exploring the digital asset payment space with a focus on building a digital asset and crypto financial infrastructure that lives on the fringe of web2 and web3, making adoption as seamless as possible where anyone looking to build financial products in the space can quickly do so without doubt or fear, ” continued Feliciano.

Hatchf Invoice inherits all the security features from the Hatchfi API. Customers install it via Hatchfi’s SDK. Hatchfi charges separately for this product, but for those who subscribe to the core service offerings, Hatchfi will include the payment solution within the price.

Coming off a successful launch and round of funding, Hatchfi has  50+ clients in the Fintech space, including accounting & tax apps, investment platforms, crypto lending apps, financial tracking apps, and even crypto social apps. Hatchfi focuses on end-user adoption by building a familiar onboarding experience, similar to linking a bank account through Plaid. Additionally, Hatchfi makes data human-readable and easily digestible to even novice builders and developers, empowering them to future-proof their apps within an hour, providing 280 complete integrations and growing.

For more information on getting early access to Hatchfi Invoice, please email us at

About Hatchfi

Hatchfi is a crypto integration platform that securely connects users' crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account. Built by developers for developers, Hatchfi brings the highest quality human readable data with seamless integrations together, making it possible to create crypto-powered fintech apps in an afternoon instead of months. Hatchfi's mission is to bridge Web 2 and Web 3, unlocking the benefits of financial tooling for communities globally. Founded in 2022 by Carlos Feliciano and Casey Wilcox, Hatchfi is headquartered in San Francisco.

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