Announcement: Hatchfi Has Partnered With for Dedicated Blockchain Node Services

Announcement: Hatchfi Has Partnered With for Dedicated Blockchain Node Services

We're excited to announce that Hatchfi has partnered with to expand our API capabilities with GetBlock's dedicated node infrastructure, giving Hatchfi access to an additional 40+ blockchain node types!

Dedicated node infrastructure allows access to on-chain data from hard-to-access blockchains. By reducing reliance on downstream providers and accessing blockchain data directly from the source, we significantly improve our operational and service capabilities, including security, resiliency, sustainability, and performance. This allows us to focus on building a world-class API without worrying too much about potential issues that can impact our service offerings to our customers.

Direct access to several different blockchain nodes also allows us to explore additional service offerings through our API, specifically WRITE functionality. There will be more to come further down the line with this functionality as we continue to converse with customers to learn more about their specific needs and use cases.


GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides instant API access to full nodes from multiple blockchains.

GetBlock is a multinational team operating from Europe, united by the idea of delivering cost-effective tools and scalable infrastructure to help developers build high-quality decentralized applications faster.

About Hatchfi

Hatchfi is a single API to connect your users' crypto accounts to any app securely. With just a few lines of code, our API supercharges financial applications with the power of crypto data, letting developers securely access their users' historical balances and transactions from over 40 cryptocurrency integrations.

Our mission is simple:

  • Simply blockchain financial data in a digestible, structured, and human-readable format for easy consumption in any application
  • Make it dead simple to integrate and access your users' crypto and digital asset financial data

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