Hatchfi Releases New Crypto Audit Data Feature To Help Fintech & Financial Service Platforms Stay Compliant

Hatchfi Releases New Crypto Audit Data Feature To Help Fintech & Financial Service Platforms Stay Compliant

Hatchfi is excited to release the first iteration of our audit data endpoint. Builders and developers can now securely access their users' raw balance and transaction data unique to the blockchain or exchange they are retrieved from.

As you know, user crypto financial data can vastly differ across exchanges and blockchains in their data structures, data types, data values, and much more. Building and stitching together a user's complete crypto financial snapshot for a single exchange or blockchain can be very complex. Deciphering, sanitizing, structuring, and enhancing crypto data can become a downright nightmare and take away from what matters most: building amazing fintech and crypto-powered application experiences for your users.

Though there are many benefits to having access to consistent, structured, and enriched crypto data, there are times when it is required for specific industries, such as accounting or taxes, to have access to the raw data itself, for example. This ability to access their users' raw data to sanity-check crypto financials is compelling and beneficial to help these types of companies stay compliant within their industry.

But the power of audit data doesn't just benefit accounting and tax apps only. Builders and developers of applications of all types can genuinely benefit from easy and secure access to their users' raw balance and transaction audit data. By providing access to this raw audit data and the standardized data Hatchfi already offers, builders and developers can even further custom-tailor unique, rich in-app user experiences by leveraging blockchain-specific and exchange-specific data points.

Below is an example of a standardized Polygon balance object alongside its raw format, which was made available via the Audit Endpoint. Both formats are generated and made available to the developer to consume when a user using their application connects their crypto account. The first image shows our standardized format that Hatchfi parses and structures for all exchange and blockchain integrations. The second image shows the same data returned directly from the source in its pure raw format.

Standardized Polygon balance object from Hatchfi's balance endpoint
Raw Polygon balance object from Hatchfi's audit endpoint

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