Hatchfi Raises $1M in Pre-seed Funding

Hatchfi Raises $1M in pre-seed funding to build the next generation Plaid for the crypto economy.

Hatchfi Raises $1M in Pre-seed Funding

Hatchfi is a single API for connecting to and retrieving your users' crypto financial data across exchanges, wallets, and blockchain protocols. We enable developers to quickly and securely connect with our APIs to authenticate and aggregate their users' crypto financial data such as accounts, balances, transactions, digital asset holdings, I.E., staked tokens, etc.

Hatchfi was born directly due to the pain felt when building crypto integrations into our original fintech app, Luumen Finance, a personal finance and budgeting tracker for crypto. The endless engineering cycles of building and maintaining our integrations across several different API providers became a nightmare and took away focus from building on our core product.

As we hacked through these integrations, we found endless pain points in stringing together the infinite maze of APIs and platforms. The formatting and structure of the data were inconsistent and complicated. The burden of securing and anonymizing data once retrieved from APIs fell on the developers' hands, resulting in the need to rearchitect our platform backends. Developing repetitive methods across different APIs, like syncing accounts, for example, took hours to implement and was unreliable.

In retrospect, it seemed as if the great minds who had created these fantastic APIs had forgotten that the world of Web2 applications still existed. It was as if they assumed the consumers of their services would mainly be focused on strictly developing in the world of Web3. ย The further we explored this problem across developers, applications, and platforms, the more apparent it became that there was a need for a tool to help safely and securely transition the Web2 economy into the rapidly growing world of Web3 and cryptocurrency.

Today we're excited to announce our $1 million pre-seed round led by Delta Blockchain Fund, OrangeDAO, and Jude Gomila, in addition to our other crypto-focused angel investors. With extensive knowledge and time spent in the crypto, infrastructure, and fintech space, we believe this team is the perfect fit to help grow and scale Hatchfi into a significant player in the crypto data-aggregation space.

That said, we're excited to say Hatchfi is live with customers in all types of use cases like taxes, financial automation, crypto lending, and wealth management. You can sign up and get started for free at https://hatchfi.co/signup.

About Hatchfi

Hatchfi is a universal API for connecting to and retrieving your users' crypto financial data. Quickly & securely connect with our APIs to authenticate and aggregate data such as balances, transactions, and holdings from exchanges, wallets, and protocols

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