Early Access: Hatchfi Parse, Enhanced Exchange Support For CSV Parsing

Early Access: Hatchfi Parse, Enhanced Exchange Support For CSV Parsing

Early Access: Hatchfi Parse, Enhanced Exchange Support For CSV Parsing

Today, Hatchfi is excited to launch early access for Hatchfi Parse, our hybrid API and CSV approach to support better exchange integrations that maintain limited API access that does not allow us to retrieve our minimum data requirements: withdrawals, deposits, trades, and balances.

With this new flow within the Hatchfi Link modal UI, users connecting to specific exchanges can input their credentials and then be given the option to upload a CSV to generate a complete digital asset financial snapshot from a particular exchange. Leveraging Hatchfi Parse is optional, but ultimately will give our customers and their end users complete flexibility when accessing their crypto data.

Hatchfi Parse solves exchanges with limited API support

Hatchfi Parse was created to bring full observability into exchange accounts that only offer limited API access. For example, an exchange like CEXIO has the following limitations:

  • When accessing transactions, there is no transactionId, so tying two or transactions together is impossible
  • We are unable to access withdrawals or deposits via the API

With Hatchfi Parse, we will automatically parse the data between the API and CSV, marrying them into Hatchfi's standardized data format to give you a complete financial picture, including balances, withdrawals, deposits, and trades.

How Awaken Tax uses Hatchfi Parse

Our friends at Awaken Tax are early adopters of Hatchfi Parse and can now give tax support for CEXIO to their users. Awaken can now spend less time building their CSV parsers and UI elements to support these types of exchanges and more time focusing on building a complete web3 tax solution that covers transfers, staking, DeFi, and so much more.

The future of Hatchfi Parse

As Hatchfi continues to add support for exchanges, wallets, and protocols, we will inevitably run into edge cases like CEXIO, where API support for data is limited. When we run into these exchange edge cases, Hatchfi Parse will become the defacto go-to solution for bridging these API limitations until additional exchange native support is added, allowing us to access all crypto account data from the APIs directly.

About Hatchfi

Hatchfi is a crypto integration platform that securely connects users' crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account. Built by developers for developers, Hatchfi brings the highest quality human readable data with seamless integrations together, making it possible to create crypto-powered fintech apps in an afternoon instead of months. Hatchfi's mission is to bridge Web 2 and Web 3, unlocking the benefits of financial tooling for communities globally. Founded in 2022 by Carlos Feliciano and Casey Wilcox, Hatchfi is headquartered in San Francisco.

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