New Hatchfi Integrations: CoinMetro and BitStamp

New Hatchfi Integrations: CoinMetro and BitStamp

We're excited to announce that CoinMetro and BitStamp exchanges have been added to the ever-growing Hatchfi API integrations bringing our total supported integrations to over 270 exchanges, wallets, and blockchain protocols.

About CoinMetro and BitStamp

CoinMetro is an EU-licensed exchange with registrations in the USA, Australia, and Canada. Coinmetro caters to seasoned traders and those just getting into crypto training. Coinmetro allows you to buy Crypto with credit cards instantly, offers advanced trading tools and indicators, provides low fees, and more.

BitStamp is an OG in the crypto exchange game and has been around since 2011. Bitstamp is currently headquartered in Luxembourg as of 2016.  They allow both simple and advanced trading on their platform between fiat currency, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies in the market.

These exchange integrations are now available via our API to quickly and easily retrieve balances, transactions, transfers, withdrawals, deposits, and simple/advanced trades. All of our data ingested through the Hatchfi API is continually transformed, formatted, and standardized for the best consistency and reliability.

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About Hatchfi

Hatchfi is a crypto integration platform that securely connects users' crypto accounts to any app like they would a bank account. For users, Hatchfi provides a beautiful user onboarding experience that seamlessly blends crypto into any fintech app experience. For builders and developers, quickly create beautiful crypto-powered app experiences in an afternoon instead of months, allowing them access to balance and transaction data from over 265+ integrations across exchanges, wallets, and blockchain protocols.

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